Welcome to Gypsy Soul Entertainment where our mission is to design experiences that connect the artist and the audience. 

For over six years we have been advocates for both music makers and music lovers by designing unique ways for the artists and the audience to connect.

We invite you to:

LISTEN - Discover new music, new artists, new art  LOVE - Connect to their messages, dive deep into the beats, be transformed by their voices LOAD- Buy their music, share their music, add your discoveries to the soundtrack of your life...


The Gypsy Soul Ent Team

Gypsy Soul [MANIFESTO]

Art is the universal expression of our souls and is powerful enough to influence the course of our lives. Everyone has the right to partake in a balanced diet of mainstream and independent offerings at a pocket friendly price that supports the enthusiasts’ thirst for innovative nourishment as well as the artists’ ability to live without struggle while producing what they love. With passion, integrity, strategy, determination, fortitude, imagination, kindness and understanding Gypsy Soul supports the purity of art crafted from the core and those who deliver it. We believe that through the vision of events, promotions, marketing, and public relations the enthusiasts & the artists will connect to propel a movement of  sustaining and perpetuating innovative substance. Everyone has the right to discover great art, Gypsy Soul is innately driven to provide the tools.